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AVSI Was founded in 1965 by a group of local citizens.  Their purpose was to raise scholarship money to be awarded to students in the community who needed financial assistance to enter college.  In 1975, scholarships also became available to students seeking technical or vocational training.  In the years since its inception, AVSI has awarded over $995,350 for 706 students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Help?2017-01-23T07:36:24-08:00

All contributions, regardless of size are important.  Contributions are received annually from individuals, businesses, local agencies, and community organizations.  Donations may be made in memory or in honor of a friend or loved one.  Help us show our young people that we believe in them and support them.  Send in your contribution today!

How Are Recipients Chosen?2017-01-23T07:36:28-08:00

Scholarship winners are selected by an Awards Committee and are chosen on the basis of scholarships, merit, and need.  Interviews are required of all finalists.  Recipients are announced at the annual awards assemblies at each of the local high schools.  Award checks are presented to the recipients upon evidence of enrollment.

Who Is Eligible For the Awards?2017-01-23T07:36:32-08:00

Any graduating senior who attends school in the Pleasanton Unified School District may apply.  AVSI is looking for sincere, determined students who need financial assistance to continue their education beyond high school.  Scholarship awards may be used for vocational or technical schools, or for two or four year college programs.  Students interested in applying can download the guidelines & application.

How Are Funds Raised?2017-01-24T02:35:13-08:00

A local campaign is held each year which seeks contributions from community members and businesses.  Ongoing scholarship monies are also provided through memorial funds established in the names of specific individuals.  In addition, funds are raised through events sponsored by the board of directors. You can also donate through our website.

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